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"What we do flows from who we are."

Rockfast Payroll experts Rockfast International, the payroll software company run by payroll experts.

We're the people with a passion for payroll, and it's our job to keep this integral part of business in step with the advancements of today's technology.

Our philosophy; We do it, so you don't have to.

Whether you're looking for a robust and scalable software package, or thinking of outsourcing your payroll to a qualified group - talk to the people who listen.

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"Excellence is the result of habitual integrity."

Great range of Payroll software Rockfast provides a reliable and all-encompassing range of payroll software, human resource software, and payroll & HR products and services designed to meet the demands of business today and in the future.

This is Australia's most reliable, accurate, automated, and technologically advanced payroll and human resource (HR) software available today.

We understand and respond to the needs of payroll and human resource professionals and provide a service that is unparalleled. Just ask our clients.

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"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it."

What Payroll is all about We enjoy using things that work.

Rockfast's products and support are the result of focusing on task at hand, and at the end of the day having something that functions the way you want.
Unfortunately a lot of companies want you to do it their way, and their attitude is; If it's not there, it's not possible.

Well, that's where we come in.
When you bring a challenge to the table, we bring you a solution. Why? Because you call the shots.

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"Imagination is more important than knowledge."

Flexible payroll software Our core strength is flexibility.

Australia's payroll industry is the most complex in the world, and a payroll system needs to handle anything, any day.
Complex award interpretations? Super splitting? Overseas terminations? We've got you covered.
Rockfast's formula-based model means it can adapt and calculate obscure awards and benefits for you, saving you from tedious calculations and procedures.
Lose your payroll operator? We can even provide a dedicated payroll specialist to process your pays for you!

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Rockfast is ISO 27001 certified
Rockfast is listed in the JAS-ANZ register