The Payoffice Employee Self Service Software

The Payoffice is our one-stop web portal for employees and managers that takes the workload off you. Built using the latest technology available, and flexible enough to run anywhere - The Payoffice delivers you the seamless, streamlined workflow that you've been searching for.

Give your employees essential online abilities like Leave Requests, Expense Claims and Payslip/Payment Summary access.
Give your managers the power to approve, deny or escalate all requests along your management heirachy ustilising our Manager Self Service Software.
Our Employee Self Service Software enables you to inject all the information directly into your payroll system without the hassle of CSV's, export/import interfaces or expensive custom software!

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The Payoffice Employee Self Service Software


Available Anywhere

Access your self-service portal from any device with an internet connection. Log in from your home computer, mobile phone or Tablet PC and have the full functionality of The Payoffice at your finger-tips.

Satellite offices and consultants on the road will be able to enter all their payroll and HR information quickly and easily from their phones or laptops, ensuring their files are always as up-to-date as possible.

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Empower your employees

  • Update bank account details
  • Add Personal Contacts (doctors, next of kin, etc)
  • Enter Expense Claims
  • Electronic Timesheets
  • Leave Requests
  • Payslips & Payment Summaries


Secure Data

The Payoffice utilises 128-bit SSL encryption on all traffic to/from its pages. This means nobody can intercept communications between your Payoffice database and your end-users.

Data stored within The Payoffice's databases are also encrypted using proprietary encryption algorithms, meaning nobody (including IT staff) is able to export meaningful information through back doors.


Seamless Integration

With the click of a button, all Payoffice data is injected directly into your payroll system ready for your next pay run. Automatically have approved leave, expenses and timesheet entries added to employees' pays without the need to re-key from emails or paper.

Likewise, any updates made in the payroll system can be sent to The Payoffice employees to see. You can even upload pay advices and payment summaries for paperless distribution.

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  • Theme your Payoffice however you wish
  • Configure feature availability for employees
  • Match your corporate website branding
  • Create employee groups


Approval Process

Manage the lifecycle of employee requests from within The Payoffice before being imported into your payroll suite. Approve, deny or pass on leave requests, expense claims, training requests etc. and have only the approved entries imported into your payroll.

Choose which information from your payroll system you want to make available on The Payoffice, and choose whether each item is read-only or editable by your employees.

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Leave Calendar

See at a glance who is taking leave, and aptly plan contingencies for staff shortages. Our acclaimed staff calendar can display individual, departmental or entire company divisions so line managers and executives can instantly see data relevant to them.

Export calendar items to Outlook (or anything that accept the vCal standard) to help you keep up with managing your staff.

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Electronic Timesheets

Facilities inside The Payoffice permit your staff to enter timesheets directly into the ESS portal to be synchronised with your payroll. This eliminates the hassle of faxing or emailing Excel files that are then required to be re-keyed by payroll operators.

You have the ability to pick and choose which components are allowed to be keyed in by employees, which gives you the power and flexibility to dictate where information comes from, and how you want to handle it.

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Choose to upload payroll reports to The Payoffice portal for immediate secure access by managers and executives.
Set report expiry dates and see who has and hasn't read their reports - all from within The Payoffice.

Upload pay advices and payment summaries for employees to access over the web. There's no limit to how many can be stored; you can allow employees to keep years' worth of pay advices readily available through their Payoffice login.

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