Payroll SaaS Software

SaaS (Software as a Service) is a fantastic way of taking advantage of our powerful, secure servers in the cloud, while still maintaining complete control over your own payroll.

If you are looking for a start-to-finish solution that supplies you with our flagship Payroll & HR suite without the overhead, but still want your own team at the controls: choose Payroll SaaS Software.

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Payroll SaaS Software


Automatic Scalability

Enjoy a complete multi-faceted payroll and HR suite that's as easy to use with 50 employees or 50,000.

Without the burden of infrastructure requirements, you're free to grow your payroll to meet company demands immediately. With no inherent limits to employee numbers or licensing restrictions, there is literally nothing stopping you!

With scalability both up and down, you need only pay for what you use at any given moment.

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Disaster Contingency

When your payroll lives in the Cloud, you reap the benefits of Cloud Accessibility. With your data fully backed up across numerous states, if disaster strikes anywhere your payroll will still be completely intact and accessible within a maximum of 4 hours.

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Your people at the helm

Operating a SaaS payroll does not mean you have to relinquish control over how things are done. Keep your team and your methods in place for the added surety and familiarity.

Leverage both your in-house experience, our bullet-proof software and services to deliver you unmatched payroll power and flexibility.


Keep it local

Rockfast is fully Australian owned and operated; which means our staff operate during the same working hours as you. Our phones are answered by real people; not automated telephony. Furthermore, our SaaS servers are housed in Australian databanks.

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Rockfast is ISO 27001 certified
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