Rockfast Revelation Payroll Software

Rockfast Revelation HR & Payroll Software gives you the power and flexibility to deliver in todays demanding environment. With extensive security controls, you have the efficiency of a single combined HR and Payroll database with the ability to restrict operators by function or data.

What sets Rockfast apart from the other systems?
Owned and developed within Australia since its inception, we've put our work into making your pay day smoothe and simple. Get your system up and running the way you like it, and it almost runs itself. Better yet, if you choose to outsource your payroll to Rockfast, it does run itself!

Choose from the fully integrated modules of the Payroll Administration System, Human Services Personnel, Human Services Recruitment & Training, Occupational Health & Safety, Visitors and Matrix Report Writer.

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Rockfast Revelation Payroll Software



  • Date driven system structure
  • Formula driven Pay Components
  • Automatic Termination Wizard
  • Future Transactions
  • Self-balancing General Ledger interface
  • Global Search & Replace functions
  • Complete accrual journals
  • Online and Context Help
  • Automatic verification of TFN's, BSB's and more
  • Unlimited Superannuation organisations


Self-balancing General Ledger interface

The general ledger report has been designed to balance and enforces “double entry” controls. As a result, any missing or duplicated components leading to imbalances are clearly detailed displaying payroll posted cost account and value.

Rockfast is able to cater for the most complicated journal entries by allowing formulas to be used to calculate these GL entries. Rockfast allows the creation of an unlimited number of GL accounts and can report for individual organisations within a group or for the entire group.

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  • Data-driven positions & careers
  • Exportable job advertisements
  • Trackable applicants & interviews
  • Automatic flow-on employee records
  • Re-usable



Rockfast allows unlimited formula driven pay components, comfortably catering for the most complex award structures, EBA agreements or leave accruals.

Formulas also give you the power of calculations for individual items such as percentage increases, percentage salary sacrifice deductions, after tax deductions, various tax deduction rates, redundancy payments, and garnishee payments.

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  • Create your own training courses
  • Push training courses to the web
  • Receive employee training requests
  • Full training history


Streamlined Workflow

When your employees use our ESS/MSS portal; The Payoffice, they'll be able to update things such as banking details, contacts and expense claims that will be seamlessly imported into your payroll & HR suite.

Learn more about The Payoffice.

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Occupational Health & Safety

  • Incident reports
  • Personal Contacts (doctors, next of kin, etc)
  • Medical Conditions & Medical History
  • Full OH&S reporting


Complete Integration

All Rockfast modules are completely integrated, meaning less maintenance, better workflow, and a simplistic, intuitive interface.

One set of databases for all aspects of your payroll administration will give you the freedom to focus on other important tasks, without needing to jump between programmes.

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Paperless Alternatives

Keep your desk tidy and do your bit for the environment by utilising paperless transfers of things such as payslips, reports, evaluations and appraisals, timesheets and expense claims.

Almost everything that goes into (or out of) our payroll suite has a paperless method. Several advantages include lowering stationery and logistics costs, accelerating receipt of key reports and acknowledgements, and minimizing re-keying errors.

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Rockfast is ISO 27001 certified
Rockfast is listed in the JAS-ANZ register