Rockfast International - who we are

Rockfast International Pty Ltd Was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Lane Cove NSW. Rockfast International services the payroll and human resources needs of over 1100 companies throughout Australia. We are a team of dedicated individuals, with incomparable experience in the development of human resources management and payroll software. We are the same executive who, until 1993, owned, developed and marketed Micropay, previously one of the most successful Australian payroll systems. We introduced the majority of payroll and human resource professionals to computerised systems.

Rockfast provides a reliable and all-encompassing range of payroll and human resource products and services designed to meet the demands of business today and in the future. These products and services are based around the software package Rockfast Revelation. This is Australia's most reliable, accurate, automated, and technologically advanced payroll and human resource (HR) software. We understand and respond to the needs of payroll and human resource professionals and provide a service that is unparalleled. Just ask our clients.

Why talk to us? If you...

  • Have become disenchanted with your current provider
  • Need a system that utilises 21st century technology
  • Wish to encourage employee self-development in your area of responsibility
  • Want a provider that you can talk to, and you know you will be heard
  • Are looking for a system that offers unparalleled value for money
  • Wish to support a system totally owned and developed in Australia
  • Are more comfortable with an Australian system, company and support team
  • Want exceptionally flexible and easy-to-use payroll and human resource reporting
  • Want a system that will scale with your company growth and increase on demand

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Rockfast is ISO 27001 certified
Rockfast is listed in the JAS-ANZ register